Happy Holidays To All – Especially Dogs!

Our famous canine Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is taking over today’s blog.

Hi – Roscoe here.  Our canine team is enjoying the holidays.  Tonight we’re staying up late telling old stories and sharing our favorite bones.  Tomorrow we hope Santa brings us our fondest wish – a new XBox!  We’ll also settle for some sweaters, new balls, and gift certificates to the dog spa.

A holiday quote and wish to our friends, clients, and all mankind: “Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.” – Corey Ford.

Happy holidays to all and warm wishes for a joyous holiday week!


The Roscoe Seal of Approval

The Roscoe Seal of Approval

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Time For Another Insect Joke

We know the scientists reading this blog will find this joke funny….

A scientist has two large jars in front of him. One jar contains many fleas, the other jar is empty. He gently removes a flea from the flea jar, places it on the table before the empty jar, steps back, and commands “Jump,” whereupon the flea jumps into the empty jar. Methodically he gently removes each flea, places it on the table, says “Jump,” and the flea jumps into the originally empty jar.

When he has transferred all the fleas in this way, he removes one from the now full jar, carefully pulls off its back legs, and places it on the table before the original jar. He commands “Jump,” but the flea does not move. He takes another flea from the jar, carefully pulls off its back legs, and places it on the table. Again he commands “Jump,” but the flea does not move. Methodically, he goes through this same procedure with the remaining fleas, and gets the same results.

The scientist records in his notebook, “A flea, when its back legs are pulled off, cannot hear.”

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Insect Humor: Enjoy This Video

Joke of the Week: Dan Soder

Dan Soder 

It’s better to watch Dan Soder reference our favorite insect in his act, rather than reading his act on this page. So, please click here to see his Comedy Central set discussing Hipsters. BTW – Do you know what’s a Hipster and if you are one? Click here.

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Insect and Bird Music Friday: My Back Pages

We bring you Bob Dylan’s My Back Pages performed at the 1993 Bob Dylan Tribute Concert. Click on the link here, or watch below and go to the 24:27 mark.

Why is this song on this blog? Well for starters, this performance includes a Beatle (George Harrison), a Byrd (Roger McGuinn), not to mention Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and Neil Young all playing together. It’s a great version of the song, which you really need to see.

What’s this song about? It’s not self-evident. As Wikipedia explains, “In the song’s lyrics, Dylan criticizes himself for having been certain that he knew everything and apologizes for his previous political preaching, noting that he has become his own enemy ‘in the instant that I preach.’ Dylan questions whether one can really distinguish between right and wrong, and even questions the desirability of the principle of equality. The lyrics also signal Dylan’s disillusionment with the 1960s protest movement and his intention to abandon protest songwriting. The song effectively analogizes the protest movement to the establishment it is trying to overturn. One of the song’s most famous lines is the refrain:

“Ah, but I was so much older then / I’m younger than that now” – because that’s what we were 20 years ago in 1993, as opposed to now……

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We’ve Been Busy Fighting NY’s Bed Bugs!

Who says NY’s bed bug problems are solved?  Not Bell Environmental!  We’ve been extra busy this month eliminating bed bugs in homes and offices, and we apologize missed a few days of on our schedule of blog entries……

Have you seen this article in today’s NY Daily News “Bed Bugs Camping Out In Lower Manhattan Building“:

November 14, 2013 10:58 AM

NYS Financial Services Department Employees: Bedbugs Working Us Over At Manhattan Office

BY Celeste Katz

Verna Fulton was standing at her desk at the state Department of Financial Services Tuesday afternoon when her shoulder began to itch and burn. When she checked, her skin was mottled with raised red welts — what Fulton suspected are bites from the bedbugs the lower Manhattan building is battling.

dfs workers bedbugs.jpg“I said, ‘What on earth? We’re getting eaten alive in here!’” said Fulton, an IT worker for the agency, which moved more employees into offices at 1 State St. earlier this year.

Another bitten worker, Senior Insurance Examiner Ademola Oluwo, told the Daily News he obtained internal agency memos showing the State Street problem wasn’t new.

The complex had a bedbug problem before DFS started transferring employees there earlier this year from 25 Beaver St. while merging its banking and insurance divisions.

Oluwo said the memos indicated the bedbug scourge had been solved prior to the move, but it turned out at least a few creepy crawlies were alive and well.

“Everybody’s nervous. They’re afraid to work. They don’t know if they’ll be taking anything home,” said Oluwo, who’s also a shop steward for the Public Employees Federation union that reps DFS workers. “Wherever you go in the building, people are talking about it.”

For the rest of the article, click here.

If the city hired Bell Environmental, we would determine the full extent of the bed bug infestation, instead of working based on piecemeal reports, solve the whole problem – and we would do it without chemicals that can affect employees health and damage computers and furniture- and without shutting down the office.  We’re happy to talk with any office, school, or facility when you have bed bug problems.  Call us!  Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze program will get the job done!


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Insect Music Friday: Fireflies

We don’t usually feature songs that have topped the Billboard Top 100, but it’s nice to mix things up in our Insect Music video series with a little synthpop.  (For a history of synthpop, click here. You’ll have flashbacks to the 1980s, including Howard Jones, Depeche Mode, Erasure, A-ha, Erasure, and Yaz.) This week’s music selection is Owl City’s “Fireflies.” As Wikipedia explains:

Fireflies” is a synthpop song and the debut single from Owl City‘s album Ocean Eyes. Relient K vocalist Matt Thiessen is featured as a guest vocalist in the song. Adam Young described the song as “a little song about bugs and not being able to fall asleep at night.”  The song is built around a “bleepy” 1980s-influenced synthline and includes lyrics about insomnia, fireflies and summer. Enjoy the video and have a great weekend.

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Though Not On The Ballot, Stink Bugs May Soon Be In Your Home

Now that the elections in New Jersey, New York City and Virginia are done, let’s go back to worrying about what’s really important on the east coast- stink bugs!  These ugly insects are a problem from the Northeast all the way to Georgia.

As the fall air turns cold, swarms of brown marmorated stink bugs are ready to crawl from woods and fields in search of a warm spot to spend the winter, and any house will do. The Washington Post shares great advice for homeowners in dealing with these problems.



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Special “I Don’t Like Mondays” Rodent Music Edition: The Boomtown Rats

It’s time to mix up our music series- and move from insects to rodents, and once in a while to another day of the week.  We couldn’t think of a better way to include the The Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays.”  Here are the official video:

and an live performance of the song at 1985′s Live Aid benefit concert (organized by the lead singer Bob Geldof).

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In The Fall NYC’s Rat Problems Move Inside

Just a warning, we’re postponing this week’s music video until Monday to give you a special and appropriate Monday Rodent Music video…..  Now on the theme of rodents, we’ve seen a lot of news this year about how rats are a problem on the streets and parks of New York City.

Just do a search of NYC’s newsite DNAinfo or more simply google “rats NYC” and you’ll see what we mean. (Our favorite was the blogger observing how “Rats come out when the sun sets. Kids at playgrounds will actually say, ‘Ok, let’s go, it’s rat time!’”)


The City, its businesses, and its residents are fighting rodents all over Manhattan, not to mention the other boroughs.  Now is the time to be more concerned, as it gets cooler, rodents seek shelter from the elements. They move inside buildings and cause problems for residents and spread health risks.

What can you do to avoid and solve rodent issues in your building? Call Bell Environmental. We’re experts who focus on permanent rodent control solutions that exterminate rodents and prevent new problems.  Eliminating rodents is not about throwing a lot of poison around or a dropping few traps.  Bell Environmental’s pest control experts are detectives that determine where rats and mice hide, live, and penetrate rooms and buildings, and what they’re eating.  That way we can take the right steps to solve your rodent problems.

Contact us online or call 877-376-1775 today to speak with our expert rodent control staff and learn how Bell Environmental can solve your rodent infestation.

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Halloween-Themed TV Show Features Six Legged Vampires: Bed Bugs!

It’s October – one of our favorite times of year- for autumn food, trees changing color, baseball playoffs, Halloween, and Halloween themed television.

Which brings us to the MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW on NBC.  If you haven’t see the show and have fond memories of this Family Ties and Spin City star, he’s back in a new program best described here.  On October 31, Mike encounters his own Halloween horror caused by bed bugs.

This year we’re glad to see that Bed Bugs have made a return as a horror to be confronted in these holiday shows.  These insects are not just blood-sucking vampires, they are are highly disruptive to victims and their loved ones.

In the “BED BUGS” episode, (airing (9:31PM): Mike’s (Michael J. Fox) love for his sister, Leigh (Katie Finneran), is put to the test when a bed bug infestation forces her to move in with his family. At the same time, Mike prepares for a big interview at work with special guest star Governor Chris Christie. Eve (Juliette Goglia) has trouble getting out of a practical joke she’s played on her brother Ian (Conor Romero).

We think it’s worth viewing, or at least setting the DVR to catch and watch over the weekend. (BTW – for discussions of more bed bug-TV themed episodes, click here and here.)

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